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Date :- Sept 19, 2023 Day :- Tuesday

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Here are some of the most important interview questions about AWS Redshift. Lets check out in detail >>

aws redshift

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What is Amazon Redshift? 

Amazon Redshift is a petabyte-scale data warehouse service. It is designed for fast querying and analysis of data using SQL. Lets check on advantages >>

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Scalability: Amazon Redshift is designed to handle petabyte-scale data warehouses, and it can easily scale up or down as per needs.

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Performance., Integration, and also red shift is cost-effective. This makes it superior. Lets check interview questions >>

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Columnar storage stores data by column rather than by row, which improves query performance for large-scale analytical workloads. 

significance of columnar storage in Redshift?    

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There are two node types: Dense Storage (DS) and Dense Compute (DC) in Amazon Redshift.

different node types available in Redshift? 

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