What security threats are unique to cloud environments?


Date :- Sept 10, 2023 Day :- Sunday

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The cloud provides many benefits in terms of scalability, agility and cost savings. However, it also introduces unique security threats and challenges.  >>


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Cloud infrastructure is easy to configure and makes it more vulnerable to threats.


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Implement continuous monitoring for misconfigured resources Automate remediation of issues in real-time Train staff on cloud security best practices 

Organizations should:   

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Cloud providers offer many APIs and interfaces that can potentially be misconfigured. Hence need protection.

Insecure APIs and Interfaces: 

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Traditional security tools are often not effective in cloud environments where organizations lack complete control and visibility. Thus creates limitations.

Lack of Visibility:    

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The ease of use of the cloud magnifies the risks of human error. Mistakes made by one user can have widespread impacts across interconnected cloud services. 

Human Error: 

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