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How to Enhance Your Resume with AI Paraphrasing Tools for Better Job Prospects

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There are different ways in which resumes can be built, and there are different templates that they can follow. However, one thing that is common in all of them is that they contain textual information in one form or another.

In most resumes, there is a bio section or a description that briefly describes the person. Other than that, there is often text written in the experience section where each of the past jobs and posts of the person are elaborated.

These are just examples. The main point that we mean to bring to attention is that text features in resumes in multiple different ways. And the more high-quality the text is, the better the chances are for the resume to give good results.

One way in which you can improve the text parts of your resume is by using AI paraphrasing tools. In this post, we’re going to be looking at what these tools are, how they work, and how you can use them to enhance your resume.

What are paraphrasing tools, and how do they work?

Paraphrasing tools are exactly what they sound like. They are tools that are made to paraphrase content. The paraphrasing process is done by changing words in the text and rearranging it. The main purpose of paraphrasing is to alter the content’s look but not its actual meaning.

Nowadays, paraphrasing tools do more than just that. Thanks to the advancements in AI technologies, these tools are able to actively improve the quality of the text that they paraphrase.

Here is a quick example. We’re going to use a tool called for the purpose of this demonstration.

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In the image above, you can see the original input text on the right side of the tool and the paraphrased text on the left side.

There are different types of improvements that these tools introduce into the provided text. They can make the text clearer to read and easier to understand. They can also help reduce the repetition and redundancy of words in the content.

It is with regard to these elements that the resume text can be enhanced.

How can you improve your resume with AI paraphrasing?

Moving on, let’s take a look at how you can improve your resume using an AI paraphrasing tool.

1.     You can use them to make your resume text flow better

The text on your resume is your chance to impress the recruiting manager. If they see your resume and they find that the text is properly written with no clunk, it can leave a good impression on them. And a good impression on the recruiting manager means a higher chance of getting hired.

Now, how exactly is the flow of a piece of text determined? It is determined by the choice of words used in it and the way the words are pieced together. To give you an idea of good and bad flow, here is an example of both:

Good Flow: I have spent five years at X company while serving the role of Human Resource Manager.

Bad Flow: As a Human Resource Manager, for years that numbered five, I have spent my time at the company named X.

They both mean the same thing, but you can see which one of them is somewhat bearable and which of them is utterly horrendous.

If there happens to be some text like the latter example in your resume, you can fix it using an online paraphrasing tool. To show you how that works, we are going to take the same atrocity we wrote above and put it through a paraphrasing tool. We’re going to be using the same one that we did earlier.

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2.     You can use them to make your resume text less repetitive

This is yet another benefit of using a paraphrasing tool to improve the text on your resume. One of the main changes that paraphrasing tools make to the text, as you may have seen already, is changing the existing words with synonyms.

This can be a great fix in situations where your resume may contain repeated words and terms. This can be a common enough problem in resumes. Words like “experience” and “skills” can often be repeated since it can be a bit difficult to adjust some other synonyms in their place with the same meaning.

If there is any part in your resume that has text like this, you can use a paraphrasing tool on it so that it does not look clunky and amateurish. Consider a passage that goes like this:

In the last three years, my skills as a developer have been improved thanks to the efforts of my past mentors. The skills of my mentors have enhanced my own skills, and it is on the basis of these skills that I hope to become a model employee.

A smart paraphrasing tool would be able to change this into something more appealing, like:

In the last three years, my expertise as a developer has been improved thanks to the effort of my past mentors. The competence and mastery of my mentors have enhanced my own skills, and it is on the basis of this prowess that I hope to become a model employee.

Note that this is just an example. A tool would make other changes to the text as well.

3.     You can use them to give your resume a professional look

Before we get started on this point, it has to be mentioned that giving a professional look to content is only in the power of a paraphrasing tool that comes with this feature. Not all paraphrasing tools have the ability to make the provided content look more professional and formal.

As you may have noticed in the screenshot that we attached above of an example tool, there are different paraphrasing modes/styles. Just as this tool provides various modes, the same is done by many others as well. Some tools provide a special mode for making the content look more professional and formal.

By using tools like that, you can fix the casual and informal-sounding parts of your resume. With a crisp and formal tone, your resume will give off a professional look.


So, there you have it.

Paraphrasing tools have a simple purpose, but they can be helpful in a whole lot of different ways. They are great for students, writers, and even job-seekers.

In the post above, we’ve looked at the introduction and working of these tools along with the ways in which they can be used for improving resumes. We hope you had fun reading, and we hope that you’ve learned something about improving your CV. It will be handy the next time you have to apply for a job.


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