SonarQube vs. Snyk: Choosing the Right Tool for Code Quality and Security

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Introduction Maintaining exceptional code quality and robust security is paramount in the realm of software development. SonarQube and Snyk are two leading tools that help developers accomplish this goal. But, understanding their unique specializations is key to unlocking their full potential. Let’s dive into a comprehensive analysis of SonarQube and Snyk! SonarQube: The Code Quality Guardian SonarQube positions itself as…

Sprinto vs. ControlMap: Choosing Your Compliance Automation Tool

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Choosing the Right Compliance Automation Tool: Sprinto vs. ControlMap Achieving compliance with industry standards like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and others is crucial for many businesses. But it can be a complex and overwhelming task. Compliance automation software takes the headache out of the process, simplifying how you gather evidence, demonstrate security, and stay audit-ready. Two popular options in this…

The Ultimate MLOps Roadmap: Master Docker and Kubernetes for Machine Learning Success

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Introduction: Are you ready to streamline your machine learning operations? This comprehensive MLOps guide will show you how to seamlessly integrate Docker and Kubernetes for maximum efficiency. Let’s dive in! Understanding the Fundamentals MLOps Implementation Roadmap Continuous Improvement Key Considerations:

Conquer Cloud Headaches: AIOps Simplifies Observability

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Cloud-native apps are amazing, but man, can they be complex! Monitoring gets messy fast. Enter AIOps – the AI-powered answer to untangling cloud chaos and making sure your systems always hum. Cloud-Native Environments: The Complexity Challenge Cloud-native architectures leverage microservices, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless functions. These offer amazing things: However, this comes with a catch: Observability to the Rescue Observability…

Conquer Cloud-Native Complexity: The Power of AIOps for Observability

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Introduction Cloud-native environments offer incredible flexibility, but their complexity can overwhelm traditional monitoring tools. Enter AIOps, where artificial intelligence revolutionizes observability for cloud-based systems. Let’s uncover how AIOps tackles these challenges. Understanding Cloud-Native Complexity Observability: Your Key to Clarity Observability delves deeper than monitoring. By gathering and analyzing metrics, logs, and traces, it delivers invaluable insights into your system’s health….

The Ultimate DevSecOps Guide: Automate Security in Your CI/CD Pipeline

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Are you ready to elevate your software security? DevSecOps is the solution, seamlessly integrating security into your CI/CD workflow. This guide will empower you to automate security testing, catch vulnerabilities early, and deliver secure products faster. DevSecOps Explained: The Key to Streamlined Security DevSecOps is a philosophy focused on making everyone responsible for security throughout the entire software development lifecycle…

VM Modernization: How to Transition from On-Premises to the Cloud

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VM Modernization: Your Path to Cloud Success in 2024 Is your virtual machine (VM) strategy stuck in the on-premises era? It’s time to modernize and reap the benefits of the cloud. Why Modernize Your VM Strategy? Strategies for Modernizing Your Approach The following strategies are often used, sometimes in combination, depending on your applications and needs: Key Steps in Your…

How to Break (and Fix) Vulnerable API

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Are you concerned about API security? The RSA conference session “Building and Breaking Vulnerable APIs” offered crucial insights into this important topic. In this article, we’ll unpack key takeaways, discuss common API vulnerabilities, and share best practices for building secure APIs. Understanding APIs and Their Importance Change “What APIs Are” to a keyword-rich phrase like “What are APIs and Why…

Is Coding All Fun and Games? Generative AI Eases the Burden

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Coding itself is a blast – the thrill of building something from scratch is undeniable. But let’s face it, a lot of software development work is repetitive and time-consuming. Generative AI is here to change that! Let’s explore how it can revolutionize your workflow. Supercharge Your Coding with Generative AI Key Considerations Your New Coding Essentials Call to Action: Ready…

How to Enhance Your Resume with AI Paraphrasing Tools for Better Job Prospects

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There are different ways in which resumes can be built, and there are different templates that they can follow. However, one thing that is common in all of them is that they contain textual information in one form or another. In most resumes, there is a bio section or a description that briefly describes the person. Other than that, there…

ML Observability

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Machine learning observability is the practice of monitoring, troubleshooting, and understanding machine learning models as they move from research to production. An effective ML observability tool should automatically surface issues, identify the root cause, and act as a guardrail for models in production. Some key goals of ML observability are: The 4 pillars of ML observability are: An effective way…

What is FinOps?

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FinOps is an evolving cloud financial management discipline and cultural practice that aims to maximize business value from cloud investments. It involves collaboration between teams like engineering, finance, technology and business to make data-driven spending decisions. At its core, FinOps is a cultural shift where: Some key characteristics of FinOps: The FinOps journey typically involves three phases: The FinOps Foundation…

Pod crashloopbackoff error

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When a Kubernetes pod is stuck in a CrashLoopBackOff state, it means that the container within the pod is crashing and restarting repeatedly. This can happen for a variety of reasons: To troubleshoot a CrashLoopBackOff error: This will show you events related to the pod and potential reasons for the crash. You can also examine the logs: Though if the…

How Automated ETLs Can Improve Data Quality

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Automating the ETL process can improve data quality in several ways: In summary, automating ETL processes through tools and technologies can improve data quality by enforcing rules consistently, identifying issues more accurately, ensuring data completeness, handling increasing data volumes, and providing better auditability and traceability. Automation eliminates many of the human errors that plague manual ETLs and reduce data quality….

DevOps Practices That Speed Up Development and Deployment

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Several DevOps practices can help speed up software development and deployment: In summary, DevOps practices like Agile, CI/CD, automation, and infrastructure as code help accelerate the development process. Monitoring, feedback loops, and cross-team collaboration then help teams identify and fix issues quickly. The end result is faster deployment times and more reliable software releases. Sources

What happens when a message processing fails?

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What happens if an SQS message fails in Lambda Lambda provides the ability to handle failed SQS messages in batches by implementing partial batch responses. Here’s how it works: For example: This approach helps reduce unnecessary retries for messages that were successfully processed. You can also manually re-add failed messages back to the queue using the SQS API. But the…

What happens if Lambda is unable to process a message from SQS before the visibility timeout expires?

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What happens if a Lambda function fails to process an SQS message before the visibility timeout When an SQS message is received by a Lambda function, the message’s visibility timeout starts. This means the message is invisible to other consumers for that duration. However, if the Lambda function fails to process the message before the visibility timeout expires, a few…

How does using SQS help optimize costs compared to invoking Lambda directly from SNS?

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Optimizing costs of invoking Lambda from SQS vs SNS There are a few ways that using SQS as a trigger for Lambda functions can optimize costs compared to invoking Lambda directly from SNS: In summary, using SQS as a trigger for Lambda allows you to batch messages, control scaling, implement retry logic, and avoid data transfer costs. All of these…

What are some recommended entry level cloud certifications?

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# Entry Level Cloud Certifications There are several entry level cloud certifications that are good for beginners wanting to start a career in cloud computing: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner This is Amazon’s most basic certification focused on introductory knowledge of AWS Cloud. It is designed for candidates with little to no experience using AWS. The exam tests knowledge of basic…

What configuration options can be adjusted to reduce the latency?

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# Reducing AWS Lambda Triggered by SQS Latency There are a few configuration options that can help reduce latency when using an Amazon SQS queue as a trigger for an AWS Lambda function: Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. I tried to cover the main configuration options that can impact latency when using SQS…

Besides cost optimization, when would using SQS in between make the most sense?

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# When to use SQS between services instead of direct integration There are a few scenarios where using SQS as a message queue between services is preferable to direct integration: In summary, using SQS as a message queue between services provides many benefits like decoupling, load management, rate limiting, retrying, and asynchronous communication. The key is that SQS acts as…

What features does SQS provide for retrying and reprocessing messages?

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SQS Features That Help Retry and Reprocess Messages Amazon SQS offers several features that help with retrying and reprocessing messages: In summary, SQS provides many features that help with retrying and reprocessing messages in the event of initial failures. The combination of visibility timeouts, long polling, retries, DLQs, and message attributes give consumers the tools they need to build robust,…

How does using SQS help reduce Lambda costs?

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# How SQS Can Reduce Lambda Costs Lambda costs are primarily driven by two factors: Using an SQS queue as an event source for Lambda functions can help reduce costs in the following ways: Batching Messages By configuring a batch size and batch window for the SQS event source mapping, Lambda can process messages in batches instead of one at…

How does the batch window time affect autoscaling?

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The SQS batch window time can affect AWS autoscaling in the following ways: The batch window time is the maximum amount of time Lambda will wait to retrieve messages from the SQS queue before invoking a function. A shorter batch window means Lambda will poll the queue more frequently and invoke functions with smaller batches. A shorter batch window means…

What is the maximum concurrency setting and how does it influence autoscaling?

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By default, all AWS accounts start with a maximum concurrent execution limit of 1,000 for Lambda functions across all regions. This is the maximum number of functions that can be running simultaneously in your account. You can request a quota increase to support a higher concurrency limit. The maximum concurrency setting for an individual Lambda function refers to the maximum…

How does autoscaling work with Lambda functions triggered by SQS?

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Lambda autoscaling with SQS triggers works as follows: When an SQS queue is configured as a trigger for a Lambda function, Lambda will start by polling the queue using 5 concurrent connections. As messages become available in the queue, Lambda will spin up Lambda functions to process the messages. Initially, Lambda will start processing messages in batches of up to…

Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server.

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Ubuntu Apache 2 – Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Ubuntu Apache 2 on WordPress – Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server. Explanation: Here are a few things to try to fix the “Not Found The requested URL was not found on this server” error in Apache on Ubuntu: 1….

How to Set Up an EKS Cluster with eksctl command line

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How to Set Up an EKS Cluster with Managed Node Group and AWS Ingress Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide to create through eksctl I will guide you through the process of setting up an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster with a Managed Node Group and AWS Ingress Controller. This will allow you to efficiently manage your containerized applications and handle…

How to Tackle CORS Errors in Your Lambda API: A Comprehensive Guide

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Introduction Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to fix CORS error in lambda API. As we delve deeper into the world of serverless computing, we will tackle CORS errors in Lambda API, equipping you with knowledge and practical techniques. By the end of this article, you will be able to identify and fix CORS errors in Lambda API like…

Boost Performance by 80x and Save Costs by 55%: Amazon ElastiCache with RDS for MySQL

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Did you know you can save up to 55% in cost and gain up to 80x faster read performance using Amazon ElastiCache with RDS for MySQL (vs. RDS for MySQL alone) # Using ElastiCache with RDS for MySQL can provide benefits Amazon ElastiCache is a web service that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale in-memory cache environments…

Commonly Used Docker Commands Cheat Sheet

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Cheat sheet for some commonly used Docker commands: Also Read: Powerful kubectl Commands for Kubernetes | Manage Resources, Interact with Clusters, Debug & More This is not an exhaustive list of all Docker commands. There are many more commands and options available in Docker. Please refer to the Docker documentation for more detailed information: Also Read: How to Set…

Powerful kubectl Commands for Kubernetes | Manage Resources, Interact with Clusters, Debug & More

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Kubectl is a powerful command-line interface for running commands against Kubernetes clusters. Below are some commonly used kubectl commands: Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all possible kubectl commands. Some commands may have been omitted for brevity and clarity. As always, use the kubectl –help or kubectl <command> –help command to see more details about a…

AWS CLI: Commands-

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AWS CLI: Commands for S3, EC2, Lambda, IAM, RDS, DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, CloudFormation, ECR, EKS, SSM, CloudWatch, Route 53, Kinesis The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a unified tool that provides a consistent interface for interacting with all parts of AWS. AWS CLI supports multiple AWS services and the list is quite extensive. Below are examples of AWS CLI…

AWS CLI Commands for Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

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AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) distributes incoming application or network traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, containers, and IP addresses, in multiple Availability Zones. ELB scales your load balancer as traffic to your application changes over time, and can automatically scale to the vast majority of workloads. Here are some of the AWS CLI commands for managing…

Tanishq Boosts Sales & Slashes Costs with Oracle’s APEX

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Using Oracle’s APEX, a low-code application, Tanishq managed to slash tech support expenses by 30% and generate an impressive Rs 1,000 crore in additional revenue. The “Endless Aisle” app is a game-changer for Tanishq stores, as it lets them display the brand’s extensive jewelry collection across India. Tanishq, a top-notch brand under Titan’s umbrella, operates more than 550 stores in…

Larry Ellison Challenges AWS: ‘We’re 1,000x Faster’

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Hello my friends and welcome back to Acceleration Economies, cloud Wars Minute, where if you give us just a minute or two, 00:00 we’re gonna give you some unique insights into the greatest growth market the world has ever known. Right now, the world’s hottest cloud company. 00:05 Oracle had their, uh, founder and chairman Larry Ellison issue a challenge…

Top Five DevOps Career Opportunities This Week

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At, we’re excited to offer a weekly roundup of the most promising DevOps job openings to assist our community members in their career progression, especially during these challenging economic times. The DevOps talent pool may seem tight, but remember, every time a professional moves into a new role, it paves the way for others to step up. The job…

AWS Glue Crawler: Now with Apache Iceberg Table Support

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Apache Iceberg Tables Integration: Expanding AWS Glue Crawler’s Capabilities AWS Glue Crawler has broadened its horizons with newfound compatibility for Apache Iceberg tables. This development offers a streamlined process for those looking to leverage AWS Glue Data Catalog as the go-to catalog for Iceberg tables, and makes migrating from other Iceberg catalogs a breeze. Apache Iceberg, an open-source table format…

Updating AWS EKS Kubeconfig: Secure Access to your Kubernetes Cluster

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Learn how to use AWS CLI to update your kubeconfig for EKS. Manage secure access to your Kubernetes clusters, and streamline your DevOps processes. To update your kubeconfig for your Amazon EKS cluster, you can use the update-kubeconfig AWS CLI command. Here’s a general example: Remember to replace region-code with the AWS region your EKS cluster is located in, for…

Step-by-Step Guide to Deploying .NET MVC Applications on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

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deploying a .NET MVC application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk can be broken down into several steps. Prerequisites: Before you begin, you’ll need the following: Steps to deploy a .NET MVC application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk: Remember, Elastic Beanstalk is just one way to deploy your .NET MVC application on AWS. Other options include EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, and more. The…

Setting Up an AWS EC2 Windows Instance in an Existing VPC with IAM Role for S3 Bucket Read/Write Permissions using CloudFormation

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This guide outlines the procedure for deploying an AWS EC2 Windows instance using CloudFormation, situated within an existing VPC. The EC2 instance is associated with an IAM role that grants read and write permissions to a specific S3 bucket. Using CloudFormation for the setup process ensures a smooth, automated, and repeatable deployment, effectively managing your AWS resources.

Master AWS DocumentDB: Key Interview Questions Explained

I have compiled a list of top 10 AWS DocumentDB interview questions and their answers: Answer: Amazon DocumentDB is a managed, scalable, and highly available NoSQL database service designed to store, query, and index JSON-like data. It is compatible with MongoDB, allowing developers to use the same drivers and tools they are already familiar with while benefiting from the scalability…

How to Set Up an EKS Cluster with Managed Node Group and AWS Ingress Controller: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster with a managed node group and the AWS ingress controller from AWS Managed Console. Step 1: Prerequisites Step 2: Create the EKS Cluster Step 3: Install and Configure the AWS CLI and kubectl Step 4: Create and Configure the Managed Node Group Verify the setup Step…

AWS Management Console Private Access: Enhance Security and Maintain Compliance

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Unveiling the New AWS Management Console Private Access Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to lead the way in cloud computing, offering innovative solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and maintain the highest level of security. With the recent release of AWS Management Console Private Access, AWS has once again demonstrated their commitment to providing customers with the tools…

An error occurred (AccessDenied) when calling the PutBucketPolicy operation: Access Denied

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It seems like you encountered an “Access Denied” error while trying to call the PutBucketPolicy operation in AWS (Amazon Web Services). This error typically occurs when you don’t have the necessary permissions to perform the requested action. To resolve this issue, follow these steps: If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still experiencing the “Access Denied” error, you…

Creating and connecting to an Amazon RDS Custom database instance for SQL Server

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You may construct an RDS Custom DB instance and then access it using the Remote Desktop protocol or AWS Systems Manager (RDP). Creating a RDS Custom SQL server DB instance Use the AWS management console or the AWS CLI to create an Amazon RDS custom for SQL server DB instance. The process is comparable to that used to set up…

How to import .backpac file in AWS RDS MSSQL

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How to import .backpac file in AWS RDS MSSQL To import .backpac file into AWS RDS we need to convert bacpac file to .bak file, Please follow below steps to convert .backpac to .bak Step 1- Converting bacpac file to .bak file Moving ahead, for your reference I have also mentioned below some simple steps on how to configure SQL…

How to Schedule AWS Lambda functions using EventBridge

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How to Schedule AWS Lambda functions using EventBridge There are multiple rules from which you can choose to run AWS Lambda function on a schedule. This tutorial will help you in creating the rule with the help of AWS management console or the AWS CLI. You must install the AWS CLI on your system before using it. Visit Installing, updating,…

Roles & Responsibilities of Data Engineer

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Roles & Responsibilities of Data Engineer In recent years, data management has gained recognition as a field that has undergone a paradigm shift. Data engineers lay the foundation for a database and its architecture. A focus had previously been on retrieving useful insights, but management has gained traction as a result. A robust architecture is developed by assessing a wide…

Top 3 Cloud Databases You Must Aware

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Top 3 Cloud Databases You Must Aware Data storage and computing time are commodified by cloud computing using standardized technologies, which makes cloud databases possible on cloud computing platforms like Salesforce, GoGrid, Rackspace, and Amazon EC2. It is possible to run cloud databases independently via virtual-machine images or through cloud database providers’ services – either by purchasing database services or…

Top 10 Non SQL Database

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Top 10 Non SQL Database It is a non-tabular database that collects data differently than relational tables and is not SQL. NoSQL databases will be the most popular in 2022. As opposed to relational databases, these databases don’t require fixed set columns in tables, horizontal support scaling, and do not use JOINS. There are a variety of NoSQL databases available,…

How to Install AWS IAM Authenticator on Windows/Linux/MacOs

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How to Install AWS IAM Authenticator on Windows/Linux/MacOs The AWS IAM Authenticator for Kubernetes employed by Amazon EKS makes use of IAM to provide authentication to your Kubernetes cluster. Installing the AWS IAM Authenticator for Kubernetes and modifying kubectl’s configuration files to use it for authentication will allow you to configure the standard kubectl client to work with Amazon EKS….

How to install eksctl on Windows/Linux/MacOS

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How to install eksctl on Windows/Linux/MacOS eksctl is a simple command-line utility that assists with the creation and management of Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS. It’s the fastest and most convenient method of creating a new cluster with nodes for Amazon EKS. For more information, please see The information in this topic provides instructions on how to download and…

How To create a Fargate profile into EKS

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How To create a Fargate profile into EKS The process for creating a Fargate account is as follows: You first need to create an IAM role and attach the required Amazon EKS IAM managed policy to this role. You need to call AWS APIs on your behalf when your cluster creates pods on Fargate infrastructure. The components running on Fargate…

How to set up EKS Cluster from AWS Management Console

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How to set up EKS Cluster from AWS Management Console Using the AWS Management Console and the AWS CLI, this tutorial shows you how to create all resources needed to get started with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). All resources are created manually. You will be able to deploy applications to a running Amazon EKS cluster once you complete…

How to Set up AWS CLI path on MacOS/Linux/Windows Operating system

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How to Set up AWS CLI path on MacOS/Linux/Windows Operating system You should find that the AWS program is already present in your operating system’s PATH environment variable once you have installed the AWS CLI. You may not be able to add the AWS program if you installed it in a custom location or if you did not have proper…

How to setup kubectl on Macos/linux/Windows Operating system

How to setup kubectl on Macos/linux/Windows Operating system Getting kubectl up and running The Cluster API server communicates with Kubernetes through kubectl, a command-line application. The kubectl binary is accessible in many operating system package managers, which is typically far more convenient than a manual download and installation process. To install Kubernetes, follow the instructions in the Kubernetes documentation for…

How to Setup Amazon EC2 Linux-managed node group

How to Setup Amazon EC2 Linux-managed node group Follow these steps to create your Amazon EC2 Linux-managed node group. 1. Create a node IAM role and associate it with the necessary Amazon EKS IAM controlled policy. The Amazon EKS node kubelet daemon is responsible for making requests to AWS APIs on behalf of the user. Through the use of an…

How to Setup AWS EKS Cluster using eksctl

How to Setup AWS EKS Cluster using eksctl You’ll learn to set up all the resources you’ll need to start using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) using eksctl, a straightforward command-line interface for establishing and managing Kubernetes clusters on Amazon EKS. After this tutorial, you will have a fully operational Amazon EKS cluster on which you can install apps….