How much of a pay raise can cloud certifications lead to on average?

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How much of a pay raise can cloud certifications lead to on average?

Cloud certifications can lead to significant pay raises for IT professionals. According to various sources:

  • 80% of people say a higher salary was a direct result of a cloud computing certification, according to ACG’s State of Cloud report.
  • 52% say cloud certifications expanded their career opportunities.
  • $12,000–$13,000 USD is the average raise IT pros who gained new skills and/or certifications reported receiving, according to Global Knowledge.

The Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report found that:

  • Earning a new certification can boost an IT professional’s salary by $12,000 or more.
  • 87% of IT professionals have at least one certification, while nearly 40% are already pursuing their next certification.
  • 40% of tech professionals are pursuing new certifications in the next six months.

Cloud certifications lead to some of the highest pay raises:

  • Professionals who hold an AWS certification saw an average salary increase of 17 percent between 2019 and 2021.
  • Professionals with a Google Cloud certification saw a salary increase of over 7 percent on average in 2022.

Pairing a cybersecurity certification with another certification can also improve salary by up to 11%. For example:

  • AWS-certified professionals, who already have some of the world’s highest salaries at $97,781, see their pay increase 6% when they earn a cybersecurity certification.

In summary, cloud certifications can lead to significant pay raises averaging around $12,000 to $13,000 USD according to various sources. Higher-level cloud certifications and those in high-demand areas like security tend to yield the largest salary increases.



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