Essential Guide to High Availability & Scalability for Dev Teams

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Developing applications that are always available and can handle increasing demands is crucial for modern businesses. High availability (HA) and scalability are the cornerstones of ensuring your systems can meet user expectations. This guide delves into the strategies, tools, and best practices to empower your dev team to build robust and adaptable applications. Understanding the Fundamentals Key Strategies for Dev…

5 Microservices Design Patterns Every DevOps Team Should Know

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Understanding and applying microservices design patterns can help you design more scalable, reliable and maintainable applications. Here are the 5 key microservices design patterns that every DevOps team should know: These patterns help with concerns like scalability, fault tolerance, distributed data management and inter-service communication. Though each pattern has its trade-offs, when applied judiciously based on your application’s needs, they…

What security practices does DevSecOps integrate into the DevOps pipeline?

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DevSecOps integrates security practices into the DevOps pipeline at each stage: Plan Phase In the plan phase, DevSecOps teams perform: Tools like IriusRisk can help with the planning process. Build Phase During the build phase, DevSecOps performs: Code Phase In the code phase, DevSecOps focuses on: Tools like Gerrit and Phabricator integrate with the development workflow. Test Phase Testing includes:…

DevOps Practices That Speed Up Development and Deployment

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Several DevOps practices can help speed up software development and deployment: In summary, DevOps practices like Agile, CI/CD, automation, and infrastructure as code help accelerate the development process. Monitoring, feedback loops, and cross-team collaboration then help teams identify and fix issues quickly. The end result is faster deployment times and more reliable software releases. Sources

Benefits of DevOps for IoT

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DevOps provides several key benefits for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and devices: Faster Delivery Cycle Times With practices like continuous integration and delivery, DevOps helps speed up the development and deployment of IoT software updates. This is critical for IoT devices that need frequent firmware and software updates after deployment. Automated testing and deployment pipelines reduce the time taken…

A DevOps Guide to IoT Technology

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Internet-of-things (IoT) is a term used to describe the network of physical devices—from everyday household items to sophisticated industrial tools—connected to the internet, sharing and collecting data. With the advent of cheap computer chips and the ubiquity of wireless networks, it’s possible to make anything a part of the IoT. DevOps is crucial for IoT development and deployment. It enables:…

DevOps Consultant vs. DevOps Engineer

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Hey there! Are you curious about the differences between a DevOps Consultant and a DevOps Engineer? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In today’s fast-paced tech world, these roles have become increasingly important in helping businesses optimize their development and operations processes. Whether you’re a Cloud Engineer looking to switch careers or a DevOps Engineer wondering about future prospects,…