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Tanishq Boosts Sales & Slashes Costs with Oracle’s APEX

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Using Oracle’s APEX, a low-code application, Tanishq managed to slash tech support expenses by 30% and generate an impressive Rs 1,000 crore in additional revenue. The “Endless Aisle” app is a game-changer for Tanishq stores, as it lets them display the brand’s extensive jewelry collection across India. Tanishq, a top-notch brand under Titan’s umbrella, operates more than 550 stores in…

Larry Ellison Challenges AWS: ‘We’re 1,000x Faster’

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Hello my friends and welcome back to Acceleration Economies, cloud Wars Minute, where if you give us just a minute or two, 00:00 we’re gonna give you some unique insights into the greatest growth market the world has ever known. Right now, the world’s hottest cloud company. 00:05 Oracle had their, uh, founder and chairman Larry Ellison issue a challenge…