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Larry Ellison Challenges AWS: ‘We’re 1,000x Faster’

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Oracle had their, uh, founder and chairman Larry Ellison issue a challenge to aws. He basically said, we’ve got an open source MySQL database that is 1000 times faster 00:13

not a thousand percent faster, a thousand times faster than the comparable product from Amazon. Um, this was on Oracle’s recent fiscal Q4 earnings call and the question 00:26

from the analyst came up about why is Oracle doing so well when, um, you know, the growth rates of the other cloud war’s top 10 companies are moderating? 00:39

And part of Ellison’s answer had to do with technological superiority, uh, enabling the Oracle cloud at all levels from the 00:48

infrastructure, databases, analytics, all the way up to the applications to run so much faster. So with regard to, uh, MySQL Heatwave, which is their open source database, 00:57

a Ellison said that it processes queries a thousand times faster than awls. Excuse me, AWS Aurora Ellison said, we’ve got customers right now moving from Amazon, 01:11

Aurora to Oracle because of this, uh, very significant speed differential that exists. So about this question, why is it doing so well, 01:28

Ellison gave a fairly detailed answer that I’ve gone into in more detail and will offer some more in the article that will appear later today on acceleration 01:37 about why that’s happening. But his basic point, he said, excuse me, I get all choked up talking about the cloud, 01:44

but he said, up and down our entire cloud portfolio from infrastructure up through applications and everything in between, he said, 01:54

we’re able to run twice as fast and cost half as much. So while, uh, Oracle is much smaller than the other three, 02:01

big hyperscalers, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Cloud, their cloud business, as we’ve talked about lately since their Q4 numbers is growing much faster than 02:10

anybody else’s. Ellison believes that a huge part of that is businesses are investing heavily in the cloud and they’re saying, if I’m gonna be spending this much money, 02:19

I should get the best possible performance. And Ellison is betting that Oracle’s advanced Gen two infrastructure, its databases like the autonomous database, and in this case, uh, 02:30

MySQL heat wave, those are now delivering not just marginally better, but wildly better levels of performance, as he said, twice as fast cost, 02:42

half as much, and then they’re the outliers like this one. Now, in the particular case of this level of a thousand times faster than 02:51

Aurora, um, Ellison says these are, uh, you can see these in publicly available TCP benchmarks and um, you know, he didn’t offer any other details on this earnings call. So, 03:00

you know, somebody could say, Hey, that’s a bunch of crap. We’re gonna run these tests and show they’re wrong. Okay, 03:13

then I would suggest somebody go out and do that. Uh, if AWS feels that it’s Aurora, um, database is being slighted here, 03:19

AWS should step up and prove that because that would be a disaster for Ellis and Oracle at a time when things are going well for them and they’re climbing. 03:27

Um, any chance from AWS to, uh, refute this claim and show that it’s just wrong would be a huge win for 03:36

aws and a big kick at Oracle’s credibility. So if this numbers are way off, I think we’re gonna see those. Uh, if they’re not, it shows that Oracle, 03:45

at least in that comparison of the MySQL database from Oracle to that of AWS has a big superiority. And you know, 03:54

Ellison’s always made it a point of going after, you know, the biggest competitor out there. You know, he figures well, 04:01

I go after the little ones. He said it might be easier or safer, but he said it’s more interesting and ultimately more beneficial to go after the 04:06

big ones. So it’s a performance game at Oracle. That’s what they’re betting on, and that’s why they have become the, uh, world’s hottest major cloud provider, 04:14

Q4 growth of 54%. Thanks for being with us here at Cloud Wars a minute, and I hope you have a fantastic day. 04:23

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