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Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends for 2023

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Top 10 Cloud Computing Trends for 2023

  1. Multi and hybrid cloud: More organizations are adopting a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy to get the best of different cloud providers. By 2023, over 90% of enterprises will use a hybrid cloud solution.
  2. Edge computing: With the rise of 5G and IoT, edge computing will continue to grow. By 2024, most cloud platforms will offer edge services.
  3. Cloud-native applications: Cloud-native apps that are designed for the cloud will become more widely adopted due to benefits like agility, scalability and cost efficiency.
  4. Cloud security and resilience: As more workloads move to the cloud, organizations will invest in cybersecurity and resilience to protect their data and applications. The use of AI and automation for security will increase.
  5. The AI and ML-powered cloud: Cloud providers will continue to leverage AI and ML internally to provide more efficient services to customers.
  6. Low-code and no-code cloud services: Tools that allow codeless application development will gain popularity, lowering the barriers to using AI and ML.
  7. Evolution of cloud gaming: Cloud gaming has the potential to grow in 2023 with the rollout of 5G and faster networking technologies.
  8. Blockchain: The use of blockchain and related technologies as a cloud service will continue to expand.
  9. Internet of Things: The growth of IoT will drive the need for cloud services to process and analyze IoT data.
  10. Kubernetes: Kubernetes and containerization will continue to be adopted at scale to enable cloud-native applications.

In summary, a mix of platform and technology trends along with security, governance and optimization trends will shape the cloud computing landscape in 2023.



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