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What cloud security skills will be in highest demand?

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Cloud Security Skills in Highest Demand

Several cloud security skills are in high demand according to the web search results:

  • Cloud Security Engineering: Security engineers with expertise in securing cloud deployments and architectures are in high demand. They need to understand cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP as well as networking, APIs, and web services. Salaries for cloud security engineers range from $68,000 to $178,000.
  • DevSecOps: Incorporating security into the application development process from the start is a priority for many organizations. They need DevSecOps specialists who can embed security into applications as they are designed and developed. Demand for application development security skills is expected to grow 164% over the next five years.
  • Threat Intelligence: Experts in threat intelligence can help prevent cyber attacks by identifying potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. They need skills like threat modeling, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment. Demand for these skills is high due to the rapid adoption of cloud technologies.
  • Identity and Access Management: IAM experts design and implement systems to control who can access cloud resources and how. They need skills like SQL, database management, and directory technology. IAM is a high-paying cloud security role with salaries up to $145,000.
  • Data Security: As organizations move more data to the cloud, they need data security professionals to ensure that data is protected and meets compliance regulations. Skills in data storage, access management, and privacy law are important. Average salaries for data security roles in cloud exceed $100,000.

In summary, cloud security engineering, DevSecOps, threat intelligence, IAM, and data security are among the cloud security skills in highest demand due to the growth of cloud computing and the need to secure it effectively. Professionals with these in-demand skills can command high salaries.



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