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What are the top 3 cloud computing skills in demand?

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Top 3 Cloud Computing Skills in Demand in 2023

  1. Cloud Security

Cloud security is the top cloud computing skill in demand according to multiple sources. With the rise of cloud computing, organizations are outsourcing more sensitive data and workloads to the cloud, making security a top priority.

Professionals with cloud security skills like identity and access management, data protection, threat analysis and cloud infrastructure security will be in high demand. Cloud security certifications like CCSP will help boost your career.

  1. Cloud Architecture

The ability to design efficient and cost-effective cloud architectures is another top skill sought after by organizations. Cloud architects need to understand how to build architectures that can:

  • Adapt to new services and changes
  • Be scalable and flexible
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve accessibility

Skills like workload optimization, migration strategies and multi-cloud design are important for cloud architects. Certifications like AWS Solutions Architect or Azure Architect certifications can help you gain these skills.

  1. Data and Analytics

As businesses collect more data, they need professionals who can manage, store and analyze that data in the cloud. Data engineering, database management and analytics skills will be in high demand.

Skills like SQL, data modeling, big data analytics using Apache Hadoop, cloud data warehouse design and machine learning will be valuable for roles like data engineer and cloud data analyst. Certifications from AWS, Azure or Google Cloud in data and analytics can boost your career.

In summary, while there are many cloud computing skills in demand, cloud security, architecture and data management seem to top the list according to leaders, cloud engineers and analysts. Focus on gaining these foundational skills to make yourself a valuable asset to organizations moving to the cloud.


I'm Abhay Singh, an Architect with 9 Years of It experience. AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

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