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Updating AWS EKS Kubeconfig: Secure Access to your Kubernetes Cluster

Learn how to use AWS CLI to update your kubeconfig for EKS. Manage secure access to your Kubernetes clusters, and streamline your DevOps processes.

To update your kubeconfig for your Amazon EKS cluster, you can use the update-kubeconfig AWS CLI command.

Here’s a general example:

aws eks --region region-code update-kubeconfig --cluster-name your-cluster-name

Remember to replace region-code with the AWS region your EKS cluster is located in, for example us-west-2. Also, replace your-cluster-name with the name of your EKS cluster.

This command creates or updates the kubeconfig for your cluster in the .kube directory in your home directory. By default, the file is named config.

Before using this command, make sure you have:

  1. Installed and configured AWS CLI. You can check if it’s installed and view the version by using the command aws –version.
  2. Installed kubectl. You can check if it’s installed and view the version by using the command kubectl version –short –client.
  3. You have the necessary IAM permissions to perform the eks:DescribeCluster operation.
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