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What cloud certifications are most in demand for security related roles?

Cloud Security Certifications in Highest Demand

Cloud security certifications are in high demand as businesses migrate more workloads and data to the cloud. Here are some of the cloud security certifications that are in the highest demand based on job listings:

  1. AWS Certified Security – Specialty: This AWS certification validates your skills in securing Amazon Web Services environments. It covers topics like encrypting and classifying data, implementing secure protocols, providing a secure production environment, and understanding security operations and risk management. Many companies using AWS look for this credential from cloud security professionals.
  2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate: This Microsoft Azure certification demonstrates your ability to configure and manage security controls in Azure environments. It covers topics like Azure Active Directory security, platform protection, security operations, and securing data and applications in Azure. Employers seek candidates with this credential for Azure security roles.
  3. Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer: This Google Cloud Platform certification validates your skills in designing, implementing, and managing secure cloud environments in GCP. It covers identity and access management, network security, log analysis, security policies and data protection using Google Cloud technologies. Companies utilizing GCP often require this certification.
  4. CompTIA Security+: Though a general cybersecurity certification, CompTIA Security+ still shows up frequently in job listings that require cloud security skills. It covers risk management, security controls and compliance in hybrid and cloud environments. Employers value this vendor-neutral certification for demonstrating baseline security fundamentals applicable to the cloud.
  5. (ISC)2 CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional: The CCSP from (ISC)2 is a more advanced cloud security certification. It tests knowledge across cloud architecture, data security, platform security, application security, risk management and security operations. Companies seek CCSP holders for cloud security roles requiring in-depth cloud security expertise.
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In summary, technology-specific cloud security certifications from major cloud providers like AWS, Azure and GCP are in highest demand, followed by general cybersecurity certifications and more advanced cloud security certifications. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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