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How do cloud certifications from different vendors compare?

How AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Certifications Compare

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud all offer certification programs to validate professionals’ skills on their respective cloud platforms. While there are some similarities, there are also some key differences in how the certifications compare:

Certification Levels

All three cloud providers offer certifications at four main levels:

  • Foundational: Tests introductory knowledge of cloud concepts.
  • Associate: More technical certifications that validate hands-on skills.
  • Professional / Expert: Deeper technical certifications requiring multiple years of experience.
    • AWS: Solutions Architect Professional, DevOps Engineer Professional
    • Azure: Expert-level certifications
    • Google Cloud: Professional-level certifications
  • Specialty: Certifications focused on a particular area of expertise.

Exam Structure

  • Most certification exams consist of multiple-choice questions.
  • Some Azure and AWS exams include hands-on labs where candidates perform tasks.
  • Exams range from 45 minutes (Foundational) to 3 hours (Professional/Expert).
  • The number of questions varies by exam, typically from 50 to over 100 questions.


  • AWS exam costs range from $100 (Foundational) to $300 (Professional/Specialty).
  • Azure exam costs range from $99 (Fundamentals) to $165 (Associate/Expert).
  • Google Cloud exam costs range from $99 (Cloud Digital Leader) to $200 (Professional).

Retake Policy

  • AWS allows retakes after 2 weeks, with no limit on attempts.
  • Azure allows retakes after 1-2 weeks, with a limit of 5 attempts per year.
  • Google Cloud requires longer wait times after each failed attempt: 14 days, 60 days, then 1 year.
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In summary, while the certification programs share some similarities, there are also key differences in levels offered, exam structure, costs and retake policies. Candidates should research each certification carefully to determine which ones best match their skills, goals and preferences.



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