What are some examples of exclusive resources and rewards offered by cloud certification programs?

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Perks of Cloud Certification

Certifying in cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud comes with a number of benefits and perks:

  • Digital badges: You can receive a digital badge from the cloud provider to showcase your certification on social media, email signatures, and at industry events. This helps promote your achievement.
  • Certificates: You receive an official certificate from the cloud provider as proof of your certification.
  • Discounts: Many cloud providers offer exam discount vouchers that you can use toward recertifying or taking another exam. This typically amounts to a 50% discount.
  • Event access: Certified individuals get invited to exclusive certification events hosted by the cloud provider. This includes appreciation receptions, certification lounges at conferences, and other industry events.
  • Community access: You gain access to the certified community for that cloud provider where you can network and interact with other certified professionals.
  • Merchandise: For professional-level certifications, Google Cloud offers a selection of Google Cloud Certified merchandise within 21 days of achieving certification.
  • Directory listing: Google Cloud includes certified individuals in a directory for the certified community. This can help you discover new job opportunities.
  • Higher salary: Cloud certifications are correlated with higher salaries for IT professionals, especially more advanced certifications. The average salary premium ranges from $12,000 to over $50,000 depending on the certification and role.

Those are some of the key perks that come with earning cloud certifications from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other providers. In addition to the tangible benefits, cloud certification helps validate your skills and expertise, opening up more career opportunities and potential for career advancement.


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