What knowledge areas does the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification cover?

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What knowledge areas does the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification cover?

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification validates foundational knowledge of cloud concepts in general and Azure in particular. It covers the following knowledge areas:

  • Cloud concepts – Candidates are expected to describe cloud computing, cloud models (public, private and hybrid), cloud service types (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) and the benefits of cloud services.
  • Azure architecture and services – Candidates need to understand Azure architectural components like regions, availability zones, resource groups, etc. They also need to know about Azure compute, networking, storage, identity and security services.
  • Azure management and governance – Candidates are expected to describe tools for managing costs, enforcing governance and compliance policies, deploying and managing Azure resources, and monitoring Azure services.

Some specific topics covered under these knowledge areas include:

  • Cloud computing models and concepts
  • Azure regions, subscriptions and resource groups
  • Azure compute services like virtual machines, containers and functions
  • Azure networking services like virtual networks, DNS and VPN
  • Azure storage services like storage accounts, tiers and redundancy options
  • Azure identity services like Azure AD, multi-factor authentication and roles
  • Azure cost management tools and tags
  • Governance tools like Azure Policy and resource locks
  • Management tools like the Azure portal, Azure CLI and Azure Resource Manager
  • Monitoring tools like Azure Advisor, Azure Monitor and Application Insights

The exam (AZ-900) measures a candidate’s ability to describe these topics. The certification is a common starting point for an Azure career and prepares candidates to take more role-based or specialty Azure certifications.


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