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Understanding the Pricing of Lambda and API Gateway at 10 Million Monthly Requests

To calculate the cost of using Lambda and API Gateway with 10,000,000 requests per month, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. Lambda function execution cost: The cost of running a Lambda function depends on the amount of memory allocated to the function and the duration of the function execution. For example, if you allocate 512 MB of memory to your function and it runs for 1 second, you will be charged for 0.000000208 USD per request. So, for 10,000,000 requests, the cost would be around 2,080 USD.
  2. API Gateway cost: API Gateway has two components that contribute to the cost: API requests and data transfer. For API requests, you will be charged 3.50 USD per million requests. So, for 10,000,000 requests, the cost would be around 35 USD. For data transfer, you will be charged based on the amount of data transferred out from API Gateway. The first 1 GB per month is free, and after that, you will be charged 0.09 USD per GB. So, if you transfer 10 GB of data out from API Gateway, the cost would be around 0.90 USD.

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