Deploying Arize Phoenix with Docker

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What is Arize Phoenix?

  • Arize Phoenix is an essential platform for monitoring and evaluating machine learning models, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) and Computer Vision (CV).
  • It offers insights into model performance, behavior, and decision-making processes.

How to Deploy Arize Phoenix with Docker

  1. Prerequisites:
    • Install Docker on your system.
    • Create a free Arize account and get your API key.
  2. Get the Arize Phoenix Image: Bashdocker pull arizephoenix/phoenix:latest
  3. Start the Container: Bashdocker run -p 6006:6006 -e ARIZE_API_KEY=<your_arize_api_key> arizephoenix/phoenix:latest
  4. Access the UI: Visit http://localhost:6006 in your browser.

Important Notes:


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Let me know if you’d like help with the instrumentation process or want to explore specific configuration scenarios!


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