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Which cloud platform will have the highest demand for skilled professionals?

Which cloud platform will have the highest demand for skilled professionals?

Which cloud platform will have the highest job demand?

Based on the information provided, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is likely to have the highest job demand among cloud platforms. Here are the key reasons:

  1. AWS has the largest market share among public cloud providers. According to the web search results, AWS has 76% market penetration among enterprises using public cloud, compared to 63% for Azure and 35% for GCP.
  2. AWS certifications are among the most in-demand and highest-paying. Several AWS certifications, like the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate and Professional certifications, are listed as among the highest-paying cloud certifications.
  3. Salaries for AWS skills are among the highest. While the average salaries for cloud skills across all roles are similar for AWS, GCP and Azure, the average salaries for equivalent roles tend to be higher for AWS skills.
  4. Demand for cloud skills is growing rapidly. The web search results mention that global end-user spending on public cloud services is expected to grow to $600 billion by 2023. This rapid growth in cloud adoption will likely benefit the market leader AWS the most.
  5. AWS has a large number of job openings. Several sources mention that Amazon has among the highest number of cloud job openings, reflecting high demand for AWS skills.

In summary, based on AWS’s large market share, high salaries for AWS skills, in-demand certifications and rapid growth in cloud spending, it seems likely that AWS will have the highest job demand among the major cloud platforms. However, all public cloud platforms are expected to see strong growth in demand for skills as cloud computing continues to expand.

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